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文藝起義──阿堅奴英文書法展|The Renaissance of Pen and Ink – Exhibition of Calligraphy and Lettering Art by Aquino da Silva

藝術新人類計劃 2016
New Art People Project 2016
The Renaissance of Pen and Ink – Exhibition of Calligraphy and Lettering Art by Aquino da Silva



Aquino is one of the few artists using English calligraphy creatively. With a graphic design background, he became fascinated with the beauty of hand painting, the different paper textures, traces and variations of pen strokes, and even the strength applied by different parts of the body. After a few years’ practice, he has brought English calligraphy into commercial use, thus giving the art more exposure.

In this exhibition at Ox Warehouse, the artist takes his art to another level by combining English calligraphy with ceramics and everyday utensils, and by using installations and partitions he merges his calligraphic work with the setting. Therefore this is rather a multimedia exhibition, than a mere showcase of English calligraphy, where every element, from wooden wares to promotional designs, has a delicate hand feel.

Prior to the exhibition Aquino specially went to Japan to make his own ceramics, and also did some carpentry work at Ox Warehouse backyard. With all elements being original and handcrafted, he attempts to bring the art to a higher level by integrating experimentalism, art and workmanship, to achieve a comprehensive result while starting his own creative revolution.

展覽工作坊 Workshop

大家有無發現自己 A Z 都識寫,但總係寫唔出美感?寫到打風一樣咁呢?係時候重新認識英文書法,學習書寫充滿古典風格嘅Copperplate字體,用沾水筆 (dip pen) 將感覺優雅、線條粗幼分明的一面表現出來。




You can write A to Z but the writing is not beautiful at all? Or is it faltering, as if blown by the wind? Now, it’s time to reappraise English calligraphy, learning how to write the classical style Copperplate fonts, rendering elegant, thin or thick strokes with a dip pen.

In this 4-hour workshop, the hosting artist will teach basic calligraphic concepts and how to apply strength on writing in order to generate a calligraphic sculptural touch, so as to rediscover the charm of handwriting, in search of a texture unattainable by computer-generated characters.

Each participant will receive a basic calligraphy kit that enables one to practice English calligraphy independently. The tutor will also show how to write artsy English letters, preparing participants to carry on by themselves the calligraphy exercises.

Date:                        Class A 20/8; Class B 21/8; Class C 4/9
Time:                       14:00 – 18:30 (Include 30 min break)
Venue:                     2F of Ox Warehouse
Suitable for:          all interested persons above 16
Quota:                     10 per class (Quotas are offered on first-come-first served basis)
Fee:                          $480 (covers one dip pen, nib, black ink, calligraphy exercise sheets, and a complimentary drink by the beverage sponsor on the workshop date)
What’s special:      small classes, fine teaching starting with the very basics; each class includes exercise time and personal guidance; suitable for busy working people and those who desire to spend weekends in an artistic manner.

Enquiry & Reservation: Ox Warehouse | No Cruzamento da Avenidado Coronel Mesquita coma Avenida Almirante Lacerda Macau (Tel: 28530026)

Before registration and paying the fee please make sure that you can complete the full course, as class transfers, recapitulations and refunds are not allowed.

藝術家簡介Artist Biography
雙魚座。愛好並有志於Hand Lettering ArtCalligraphy及鉛筆精描創作,同時熱愛柔道運動。本地平面設計專業畢業,實習時期於曼谷跨國平面設計公司工作,至今於澳門、香港、台灣等地進行個人展及聯展近20餘次。去年夏季辭去全職設計工作,決心從事創作,於同年年底自行策劃並在日本佐賀縣順利舉行藝術交流展覽。

Aquino da Silva
Aquino is a Piscean whose artistic practice and passion lies in hand lettering art, calligraphy and detailed pencil drawings. Other than art, he is also devoted to his Judo practice. Aquino graduated from a local design institute and completed his Internship at a Bangkok graphic design company. He has had over twenty exhibitions in Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries. Last year, Aquino quit his full time design job to pursue his dream. By the end of the year, he successfully held and participated in a group exhibition at Saga Prefecture, Japan.

策展人Curator:施援程 Cora Si Wun Cheng

開幕Opening Ceremony13/8/2016(星期六 Saturday4:00 P.M.
展期Exhibition Period14/818/9/2016 (逢星期二休息 Closed on Tuesdays
工作坊 Workshop20/8, 21/8, 4/9/2016(星期六/ 日 Saturday/Sunday

地點Venue:牛房倉庫二樓 2nd Floor of Ox Warehouse
免費入場 Free Admission

主辦Organizer:牛房倉庫Ox Warehouse
贊助 Sponsors:澳門文化局 ICM、澳門基金會 Macao Foundation
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