牛房倉庫 / Ox Warehouse

牛房倉庫 Ox Warehouse

和隆街十五號 Rua do Volong, No.15

開放時間 Opening Hours12:00-19:00(逢星期一休息(Closed on Mondays)

郵寄地址/Postal address:澳門郵政信箱6303 P.O.Box 6303,Macau

電話/Tel(853)2853 0026 電郵/E-mailoxwarehouse@gmail.com



南洋清新電子風 :

aspidistrafly & flica澳門音樂會

Fresh electronica from S.E.Asia : aspidistrafly & flica live in macau

演出時間/Time:8:00pm 29-3-2009

演出者 / Performeraspidistrafly (Singapore) / flica (Malaysia)

特別嘉賓 / Guest Appearanceevade (Macau)

門票/TicketMOP $60
售票點/Ticket Office:牛房倉庫及邊度有書/ Ox WareHouse & Pinto Livros


(Special ticket purchase at MOP$50 are open for Friends of Ox WareHouse,Pinto Livros and students.
Please present vaild ID during purchase)

現場不設劃位 Seats are not assigned

主辦 / Organization:婆仔屋藝術空間 / Old Ladies' House Art Space
協辦 / Co-organizationKitchen , 边度有音樂(Pintomusica)

節目查詢 / Program inquiry(853)28 530026

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“Refined and robust, these well organized aural assemblages give ample animation and seriousness to the light and prosaic elements of the everyday.” -– Cyclic Defrost (Australia)

"Full of dreamy post shoegaze soundscapes, ethereal female vocals & lullaby folk textures. It kind of reminds me of the pastures between Sigur Ros & Cocteau Twins, the voice fluttering & hovering around tantalisingly between absorbing passages of crisp acoustics, subtle found sound samples, gentle ambient/drift textures and blissed laptop glitch. It's definitely of a high pedigree, lovingly produced and a delight to look at as well hear." - Norman Records (U.K.)

“A gentle album thats shines like a jewel, like sunlight through the leaves of trees." -- Bounce Magazine (Tower Records Japan)

"Everything is worked out into the smallest details. With field recordings and microsounds they sculpture songs to accompany dreamy vocals. With an eye for details like Taylor Deupree and in the vein of Japanese musician Piana. 8/10" -- EARlabs

”ts not easy to pin down aspidistrafly’s music into a specific genre, which is a good thing. Can you imagine Richard Chartier playing dreamy pop music? With some female vocalist? I’d say aspidistrafly is microsound and pop. Very refined.”-- Vital Weekly

"他們全心全意打造出一張滿載追憶與情感,卻跳脫文字,純粹以深思熟慮的聲音設計營造出獨特氛圍的專輯,「i hold a wish for you」每個細節都盡見aspidistrafly對他們心血結晶有多麼的重視!" -- Node Culture (Taiwan)

"仿佛一串追憶中的片刻清醒,一次長途遷徙中的短暫停留,安逸、和煦,點綴著自身的優雅和aspidistrafly式的消匿,就像天高氣爽的時日,從空氣中踱出一位詩人,他無聲無息地握住另一位詩人微顫的雙手――aspidistrafly也曾這般仁慈――然後,指縫間滲出一道明銳的光" - - 中國著名音樂雜誌《通俗歌曲.搖滾》



大馬獨立音樂人flica的處女專輯,以清新小電為主軸,加上靈巧的IDM韻律和甜美且不落套俗的流行樂架構,得以充滿畫面感的方式漂亮地呈現出獨立電子音樂其溫暖及人性化的一面”-- Node Culture (Taiwan)

閉上眼睛,感受自體內逸出的自然旋律,來自吉隆坡的Euseng Setoflica),以鋼琴為中心,融合如呼吸心跳般自然有機的電子韻律,特別適合在夜晚聆聽,讓想像力自由飛翔 -- intoxicate vol.77(Japan)

“Though piano is the central instrument in the new album's ten pieces, the instrument is joined by acoustic guitar, strings, programmed beats, and ambient atmospheres in Euseng Seto's electro-acoustic settings. Throughout, the music is warm, the style consonant, and the vibe pastoral; the Malaysian artist's music, in other words, is anything but nightmare-inducing… It goes without saying that Flica's Nocturnal will also appeal to devotees of Sawako, Daisuke Miyatani, Akira Kosemura and Rist” --- textura (Canada)

“I have no doubt that some will view this similarity of feel and sound across all of the tracks as a hallmark of dreaded predictability, but considering the way in which Flica's work stands out from many others in the IDM crowd in terms of its ability to utilize complexity in an extraordinarily accessible and comprehensible manner, I feel it unfair and, indeed, mistaken to think of it as anything other than consistency.” --- Fred Bevan (The Silent Ballet, USA)




evade is from Macau, whose style blends together electronica, dream-pop, shoegazing and dubstep. After several changes to personnel, the current setup is established in 2006, and includes Sonia (vocal), Brandon (guitar), Jason (bass) and Faye (sound programming). evade's music is characterized by a sweet, dreamy mood. Through the medium of sound, an ambience of beauty can be found