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Robert Cahen 影片和錄像作品放映會 Films and Videos by Robert Cahen

時間觀The Sight of Time
Robert Cahen 影片和錄像作品放映會 Films and Videos by Robert Cahen

19 Sep 2011(Monday) 8:00~9:30pm
牛房倉庫Ox Warehouse

免費入場   Free Admission

作為一位作曲家與錄像藝術的先行者,Robert Cahen由七十年代開始,便將自己獨有的敏感度注入了錄像媒體的實驗之中,其藝術成就得到了世界性的公認。就像與他同年代的著名錄像藝術家(如Nam June PaikBill ViolaVasulkas)一樣,Robert Cahen也是從音樂出身的,這深深地影響了他在採用錄像媒體時的手法和其作品的內容。由最早期的作品開始,他所建立的關鍵手法一直在確定著他的藝術作品 的獨特個性:他那沒有文字的敘述手法,就靠影像與音樂來喚起多重意義。他對影像從定格走到動態的與趣,讓他用慢鏡頭來提升對一般看不見的影像的感知。
 As a composer and video art pioneer, Robert Cahen has given to video his own sensitive touch since the 1970s until today and he has won recognition worldwide. Like other prominent video artists of his generation (Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, the Vasulkas) he came to video from music and this marked his handling of the technology and the content of his work. He developed in his early video pieces key principles which have characterized his oeuvre until today: a narrative approach scarce in words that relies on images and music to evoke plural meanings, an interest in the implications of the passage from still to moving image, the use of slow-motion to heighten the perception of the otherwise unseen.


Juste le temps (Just Enough Time) 剛夠時間
Video 錄像 –1983 –13 mins
Produced by INA
Acoustic design: Michel Chion 
A l a n d m a r k f o r v i d e o i n t h e e i g h t i e s .
A f r a g m e n t f r o m a j o u r n e y i n w h i c h
metamorphosed landscapes become the actors of a story which, between the lines, tells of the possible meeting between two beings. The limits between the external landscape and the interior of the compartment, between sleep and wakefulness, between sound and silence, and even between the characters, fade out totally. The idea of passage, which is so well illustrated by the train journey, pervades the whole story. (Source: Sandra Lischi, The Sight of Time )
這作品是八十年代錄像藝術的里程碑。是一個旅程的片斷,變形的風景 成為故事中的演員,在故事的字裡行間講述兩個生物可能的相遇。是有關存在於車外景色和車廂的內部、睡與醒、聲響與寂靜之間的界限。整個故事瀰漫著過渡的觀 念,而火車的旅程正好將這觀念完美的表現出來。﹙摘自Sandra Lischi的著作《The Sight of Time》﹚

Voyage d'hiver (Winter Voyage) 冬天之旅 
Video 錄像 – 1993 – 18 mins
Collaboration Angela Riesco
Music: Christine Groult 
While on a trip to Antarctica, the director filmed glacial landscapes, bluish blocks of ice floating in the sea along with images of phantom boats and mysterious glimpses of people who seem more like apparitions. Through digital editing, these images constitute a new universe, one that is quite abstract and often disquieting.
Robert Cahen在一次到南極旅遊時拍攝了冰川的景色,影片中看到一些浮在海面上淺藍色的冰塊,同時出現的還有一些如幽靈船和幾個如幽靈般不可觸摸的人物的影像。這些影像經過數碼處理後形成一個嶄新、抽象和往往令人不安的世界。

Hong Kong Song 香江頌
Video 錄像 – 1989 – 21 mins
In collaboration with Ermeline Le Mézo
Produced by INA, La Sept, FR3
Cahen writes that Hong Kong Song is an exploration of "the sonic identity of Hong Kong, its space and architecture. Modern China merges with ancient China; the reality of this city sounds and resounds from image to image, revealing a multi-faceted vision". Produced within the context of "Urbasonic 88", an artistic and scientific project of the French research studio Espaces Nouveaux, this work manifests Hong Kong's frenetic urban rhythms, its people, and its natural environment through a synergy of time and space, aural and visual textures.
C a h e n 表示, 《香江頌》是對香港的聲音的身份、空間及建築物進行探索。現代中國與古代的中國融合;這城市的實況迴響於影像與影像之間,呈現出一種多角度的視野。 作品是法國新領域研究工作室為一項名為Urbasonic 88的藝術和科學計劃所作之研究的一部份,這計劃透過時間和空間、聽覺和視覺觸感的協同作用,將香港狂熱的都市節奏,它的居民和大自然環境呈現示出來。

L'étreinte (Embraces) 緊握
Video 錄像 – 2003 – 9 mins - B&W
Produced by Boulevard des Productions
Music: Francisco Ruiz de Infante 
Light creates movement. This film uses black and white as a revealing element. Something is happening here between death, love and ecstasy. Appearance, disappearance, breathing rhythms; we hear the time that passes connecting and disconnecting our impressions.

*放映會一星期後將舉辦Robert Cahen錄像藝術工作坊
*Robert Cahen Video Art Workshop will be held one week after the screenings.

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