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牛房倉庫 Ox warehouse


No Cruzamento da Avenida do Coronel Mesquita com a Avenida Almirante Lacerda Macau

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逗陣走山──台港澳藝術交流展|Urban Hikes – An Exchange Exhibition by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Artists

Theory of Evolution: Art Spaces Exchange Programme

Urban Hikes – An Exchange Exhibition by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Artists




Urban Hikes – An Exchange Exhibition by Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macao Artists was conceived during a sharing and exchange activity among artists from the three regions. In a discussion about the links between artistic creation and social reality of growing up, participants found that despite the cultural nuances, they shared quite many common things. After discussing, in depth, topics like politics, economy, culture, and identity, we felt it was not enough and could be continued. Therefore, we started considering a long term, sustainable project based on each participating artist’s observations and experience of his/her own local settings, as well as the sharing and interactions among them, in order to foster Asian cultural observation and art development projects.

Chinese are the ethnic majority in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, three regions with similar physical environments, as they all face the sea and have low elevations, and are small areas with high population density, leading to a proximity of their urban areas and surrounding satellite towns. Furthermore, at the regions’ urban edges, rolling hills and hiking trails – though some of them man-made – fulfills urbanites’ eagerness for natural settings, providing relaxation and leisure spaces after a daily busy urban life.

This time, the hiking routes to be explored are closer to town. Upon climbing up the hilltop, one can overlook the city; while hiking, one can see staircases, stone tablets, street furniture, basic fitness equipment or recreational facilities, as well as many vestiges from past regimes. When physically exerting while hiking, enjoying the leisure of the outlying hiking trails, in contrast with the underneath CBD’s bustling and urban tension, we are prompted to vividly discuss relevant points thereof.

This project, which has been initiated by the Association of infoDATE, Taiwan, was launched by us using our bodies. The aim is to involve artists in cultural discussions through body movement and action, in an attempt to make them less formal, while expanding the scope and vision of artistic observations.

In this Urban Hike, Taiwanese artist Li-Chen Loh, Hong Kong artist Lee Chun Fung and Macao artist Gigi Lee walk through hiking trails, observing cultural phenomena on city edges of their own regions. The hikes have enabled a deeper discussion and exchange of concepts, which were aesthetically transformed into these final pieces on show in this exhibition at the Ox Warehouse.

策展人Curator:駱麗真 Li-Chen Loh
參展藝術家 Participating Artists
駱麗真 Li-Chen Loh(台灣 Taiwan)、李俊𡶶 Lee Chun Fung(香港 Hong Kong)、李綺琪 Gigi Lee(澳門Macao

開幕Opening Ceremony29/10/2016(星期六 Saturday4:00 P.M.
座談會 Discussion Session29/10/2016(星期六 Saturday4:30 P.M.
展覽工作坊 Exhibition Workshop1213/11/2016(星期六、日 Saturday, Sunday
展期Exhibition Period29/10–4/12/2016 (逢星期二休息 Closed on Tuesdays

地點Venue:牛房倉庫二樓 2nd Floor of Ox Warehouse
免費入場 Free Admission


展覽工作坊 Exhibition Workshop
1.  社區媒體共學坊|導師:李俊𡶶(香港)



2. 走山手記|導師:李綺琪(澳門)




主辦Organizer:牛房倉庫Ox Warehouse
贊助 Sponsors:澳門文化局 ICM、澳門基金會 Macao Foundation
No Cruzamento da Avenidado Coronel Mesquita coma Avenida Almirante Lacerda Macau
開放時間Opening Hours12:00 - 19:00(逢星期二休息 Closed on Tuesdays
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