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美成在久・癒合之流──尹保倫個展 A River of Divine Imperfections – Ernest Van solo exhibition





As science topples religion, reason has become the principle to worship and our spirituality has been squashed. A fable tells how the human heart was at first located in the middle of the chest, but after years of being disregarded, it had gradually moved to the side. With scientific and material advances, we have reduced distances and multiplied productivity, yet none of this has brought about happiness or clarity for humankind.

Either of ancient religions or new age spiritual healing, no matter the name or practice it takes, all comes from the human desire to obtain ‘inner peace’. This time Ox warehouse has invited Ernest Van who graduated from the Department of Graphic Communication Arts of the National Taiwan University of Arts to exhibit at the Post - Ox Warehouse Experimental Site. Ernest regards of his creation as an inner exploration of the self, producing works with the theme of ‘healing of the heart’. In this exhibition, his work isn’t trying to convey any rational ‘idea’ or invoke ‘introspection’. Rather, through infusing spiritual symbols and methods into this work, he hopes to lead his visitors into a spiritual sanctuary, where they can enter the ‘state’ and try to elicit one of the more ‘archaic’ functions of art – ‘healing of the heart’.

His imagery flows from a stream of consciousness: integrated here are the memories of his travels, his discovery of new energy therapies and cultural mores. To Van, “each block denotes of a moment in time, these moments compose of life, a life towards spiritual realization”. Month by month, he would prime his humble panels with such tender care, each single step at full throttle, the surfaces take hours to dry, then the thin layers of gold leaves are burnished with his brushes and fingers; but the flecks of gold are not splendor, for the layered tones illuminate in a state of serenity. His pace is slow and his process repetitive; the touch of his rough hands are evident on each of the gilded frames. As Van considers, the color of gold declares of holy idolatry, or else, human beings are drawn to the warmth of light by nature.

If the audience would be tempted to decode his puzzling images, it is not Van’s intention to define this ambiguity: after all, he is what he makes, his drawings are raw and unrefined, his wild strokes are never adulated – the golden blocks are filled with ancient mantras of Ho'oponopono, the strawberry shortcakes from Murakami’s Norwegian Wood and stylized drawings of Buddhism deities…Where childish writings dance freely on the color of mottled gold; he is what he makes, yet he has a way to make sense out of all these chaos. For he is honest, and his work bares his soul: it exerts all of one's dedication to achieve divine perfection. All his memories and experiences are ejected into a glimmering river of salvation, a glow that is healing his sinful soul. It might be that, his averted heart needs the right place to perch on; or it might be, that he needs to unlash the Albatross around his neck, so he’d put forth all of his strength and diligence, to pave his road to spiritual redemption, creating in a quiet place that is solemn and meditative for us all to take refuge.

展覽地點 Exhibition Venue:後牛房實驗場(澳門和隆街十五號)Post - Ox Warehouse
Experimental Site (Rua do Volong, No.15, Macau)
開幕 Opening ceremony08/05/2019 (星期三 Wednesday)18:30
展期 Exhibition period09/05/2019 - 16/06/2019 (逢星期一休息 Closed on Mondays)
開放時間 Opening Hours12:00 - 19:00

策展人Curator:許曉楓Ann Hoi

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贊助 Sponsor:文化局IC 澳門基金會Fundação Macau
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