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《洞見》——風鈴嶺個人作品展INSIGHT——Delphine Richer’s Solo Exhibition

Artist in Residency Programme

INSIGHT——Delphine Richer’s Solo Exhibition

我們多少感覺到正身處一個不穩定的世界。這也是激發起法國藝術家Delphine Richer(風鈴嶺)在「洞見」中展開的所思、所問的源泉。



「洞見」通過藝術家對世界的關懷,以人的語言作為藍本涉足社會與政治,從原初的、漩渦中的問題意識出發,平靜地勾勒著一道全球風景。正如本次在澳門的駐留創作,Delphine Richer(風鈴嶺)逐漸貼近澳門社會,在這個特殊的地方展開與當地人的交流。所見所得,都將參與勾畫這一全球現象。

We can feel that the world is unstable with challenges all around, and it becomes an inspiration for the French artist Delphine Richer’s thoughts and questions in INSIGHT.

In this globalized world, we can instantly access information around the planet through the internet and social media. Our ideas are crossed, merged, and mixed in this digital world, in which “objective” information and “fake news” intertwine together. As the artist puts it: “In a world of terrific communication power combines with remarkable media pollution, we are trapped in a volatile and violent whirlpool of information.”

In the exhibition, the artist focuses on basic interpersonal communication, and collects information by various means such as personal interviews, emails, social media and social network. She first targeted the people around her, then the network gradually extended to people from different walks of life around the globe. She asked them a simple pre-set question: “If you would hold a sign in the public space / a demonstration with the most important message for you now in 2019 written on it, what would it be?” In the exhibition, the collection of the slogans constitute a kind of preoccupations’ landscape, in which the audience can get their own perspectives of today’s world.

Through the use of human language, INSIGHT conveys Delphine Richer’s concern for social and political interventions. From the awareness of the original whirlpool problem, the artist calmly outlines individuals into a global picture. During her residency project, the artist gradually came close to the local community, whose voices are included in this “worldwide landscape”, revealing Macao's particularities.

策展人 Curator:何俊彦 He Junyan(珠海 Zhuhai

開幕 Opening Ceremony03/07/2019(星期三Wednesday),18:30
展期 Exhibition Period04/07/2019 - 18/08/2019
展覽地點 Exhibition Venue:後牛房實驗場樓(和隆街15號)Post - Ox Warehouse Experimental Site - 1F (Rua do Volong, no. 15, Macau)
開放時間 Opening Hours12:00 - 19:00(逢星期一休息 Closed on Mondays

主辦 Organisation:牛房倉庫Ox Warehouse
贊助 Sponsor:文化局IC、澳門基金會Fundação Macau
獨家媒體支持 Single Cyber Media Support:灣區之下Beyond the Bay
特別鳴謝Material Supports :宅木Zawood

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他和她和他和她——洋小漫個人作品展Everywhere and Anywhere——Yang’s Solo Exhibition

藝術新人類計劃 New Art People Project 

Everywhere and Anywhere——Yang’s Solo Exhibition



Sketching is the most direct response to what I see through my eyes. In sketching, the lines jump, the picture flows, and everything become matter of factly evident. But afterwards, what can be taken away or left behind? In recent years, my life has become different. In the face of such changes, I tried to reorganize it. Fragmental as it still is, I have managed to piece together life itself.”

Ox Warehouse’s New Art People Project aims to nurture a new generation of young artists by providing them with a space for bold attempts and experimentations. This time, we invited Macao young illustrator YANG to host a solo exhibition, where she will explore, through a new visual approach, the possibilities of illustration as an artistic language. YANG has a BA, with a major in English literature, completing her studies with a MA in Illustration from the University for Creative Arts in England. In this exhibition, through the interaction of illustration and space in a dialogue with herself, YANG presents her personal emotional experiences as well as a kind of alienated and lonely state of mind shared by urban dwellers.

策展人 Curator:梁飛燕 Leong Fei In

開幕 Opening Ceremony26/06/2019(星期三 Wednesday),18:30
展期 Exhibition Period27/06/2019 - 04/08/2019
展覽地點 Exhibition Venue:後牛房實驗場二樓(和隆街15號)Post - Ox Warehouse Experimental Site - 2F (Rua do Volong, no. 15, Macau)
開放時間 Opening Hours12:00 - 19:00(逢星期一休息 Closed on Mondays

主辦 Organisation:牛房倉庫Ox Warehouse
贊助 Sponsor:文化局IC、澳門基金會Fundação Macau
獨家媒體支持 Single Cyber Media Support:灣區之下Beyond the Bay

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