牛房倉庫 / Ox Warehouse

牛房倉庫 Ox Warehouse

暫停開放 Temporarily Closed

郵寄地址/Postal address:澳門郵政信箱6303號 P.O.Box 6303,Macau

電話/Tel:(853)2853 0026 電郵/E-mail:oxwarehouse@gmail.com



Post-Ox Warehouse Experimental Site



藝術家:王翊(澳門),朱璽(上海),吳方洲(澳門),吳穹+汪洋(杭州),呂澤強(澳門),李少莊(澳門),李銳奮(澳門), 李曉巧(澳門),周欽珊(廣州),林祚雄(杭州),范世康(澳門),唐重(澳門),徐坦(深圳),高世強(杭州),梁飛燕(澳門),梁慕貞(澳門),梁慕潔(澳門),滿宇(廣州),蔡國傑(澳門)

Macao Art organization – Ox Warehouse has moved to Freguesia de São Lázaro in Rua do Volong, No.15, meaning that our group stepped into the “post” Ox warehouse period. To encourage personal and experimental creativity, we focus on curating contemporary art activities (exhibitions, workshops and performances etc.) with multimedia and experimental point of view. Continuously we act as exchange platform in Macao experimental art development.

This exhibition has invited artists from 5 cities: Macao, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, presenting their work in variously art form include installation, performance art photography, mixed media, painting, conceptual documents and video art.   

Opening Ceremony: 22/8 (Wednesday) 18:30
Exhibition Period: 23/08 - 07/10 12:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Mondays)
Venue: GF, 1F ,2F Gallery at Rua do Volong, No. 15.
Organiser: Macau "Ox warehouse" nongovernmental group

ArtistsWong Iek (Macau), Zhu Xi (Shanghai), Noah Ng Fong Chao (Macau), Wu Qiong + Wang Yang (Hangzhou), Lui Chak Keong (Macau), Bianca Lei Sio Chong (Macau), Frank Lei (Macau),  Li Xiao Qiao (Macau), Zhou Qing Shan (Guangzhou), Lin Zou Xiong (Hangzhou), Fan Sai Hong (Macau), Tong Chong (Macau), Xu Tan (Shenzhen), Gao Shi Qiang (Hangzhou), Leong Fei In (Macau), Bonnie Leong Mou Cheng (Macau), Kitty Leong Mou Kit (Macau), Man Yu (Macau), Cai Guo Jie (Macau)




展覽日期13/07 - 19/08  12:00 - 19:00(逢星期二休息)


Travel Stories told in Silence
The exhibition starts with travel. It was through travel that the four female artists born into different cities and times first met and re-encounter each time. But their travel is not standard travel. It is fabulously silent, devoid of any noise. No matter how much artistic girls love noise and excitement, in fact, behind the scenes, they enjoy being alone and in quiet, even cherishing loneliness. Their journey is infinite, without boundaries or constraints of time and space. Their illustrations are all fantasies beyond reality. They are about their travel stories. The four artists will present their journeys of life through drawing.
The exhibition is held respectively at No. 15, Rua do Volong, Macau and WinWinArt, in The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on different dates.  In addition to engaging illustrators from the two regions of the Strait to exchange ideas, this event also aims to showcase Macao illustration art in Taiwan, where more genres thrives, space development is bigger, and applications wider than in Macao. Through this exchange, it is hoped that the Macao illustrators will not only draw experience from their Taiwan counterparts, but also offer Taiwan viewers a new impression of Macao through their creations.

Curator: Lai Hsin-Lung
Artists: Chiang Hang Ping (Viva girl), Jane Chuang (Q Paradise), Yolanda Kog, Gigi Lee

Exhibition Period: 13/07 - 19/08  12:00 - 19:00 (Close on Tuesdays)
Venue: GF Gallery at Rua do Volong, No. 15
Organizer: Oxwarehouse
Sponsor: ICM, Macao Foundation
Free Admission