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乜乜都 ON SALE──蔣詩慧服裝實驗展 Pop Up Shop for Something ﹣Siwai’s Clothing Experiment Exhibition

藝術新人類計劃 2016
乜乜都 ON SALE──蔣詩慧服裝實驗展
New Art People Project 2016
Pop Up Shop for Something Siwai’s Clothing Experiment Exhibition


藉著牛房倉庫二樓的展覽廳想跳出這框框,將Pop up shop 化身在展場裡,讓觀眾仿如進入一間臨時的服裝店,可是在眼前的是體驗服裝製作的流程,由設計、起板、宣傳、生產、推廣、物流等,都一一呈現,現場還有大量的樣板及次貨,這些在設計過程已被淘汰的不完美衣飾,可能會成為垃圾,詩慧將其擺放出來,重新給予它們新的意義,同時想大家反思物質的需求。是次展覽所展出的服裝將作出售,所有展覽收益將全數捐贈予樂施會。

In our consumerist society, most people pursue a materialist way of life and thus brands and advertisements become their major shopping guide. It also becomes a major topic in leisure time and everyday life. People follow the trend without a deep understanding on their real needs.

Clothing investigator Cheong Siwai has been working in the clothing industry. She studied Fashion Design in the Macau Polytechnic Institute, before pursuing further studies in the UK, where she got MA in Fashion Management and another in Cultural and Creative Industry. She returned to Macao hoping to develop a career fulfilling her vision of clothing. While collaborating with two fashion brands with the initial M, she realised that, driven by the market, she is unable to change the existing frame of fashion production.  Brands must try hard to closely follow seasonal trends, like pursuing the ‘Hot Items’ based on fashion trends; and imitate other large brands and styles, in order to attract and retain customers. What’s more, she recognised that the whole design and production process of ‘Fashion’ was very much against her fashion concepts of ‘people-based’ and sustainability.

Siwai wants to think out of the box, through turning the 2F Gallery of Ox Warehouse into a fashion pop-up shop, where visitors entered a temporary boutique.  Witnessing and experiencing the whole production process of garments, from design, sampling, and production, to advertising, promotion and logistics. On display are also a number of prototypes / imperfect pieces, eliminated from the design process and that might end as garbage but by showing them here and giving them a new meaning, the investigator prompts viewers to reflect on consumerism.  All the displayed clothing in the exhibition are for sale, and this income will be donated to Oxfam Hong Kong.

藝術家簡介 Artist Biography

Siwai Cheong, studies clothing since teenage years, specializes in sustainable fashion and obtained her master degrees in London. She has been a guest lecturer in Macao Polytechnic Institute, as well as artistic director for fashion brands and movies; participated in various clothing exhibitions and competitions; worked as fashion designer, shop manager, image consultant for a luxury shopping mall, and stylist for Macao singers and artists, etc. She has accumulated and developed a deep knowledge in Creative and Fashion Industries.

策展人Curator:施援程  Cora Si Wun Cheng

開幕Opening Ceremony20/2/2016(星期六 Saturday4:00 P.M.
展期Exhibition Period21/227/3/2016 (逢星期二休息 Closed on Tuesdays
地點Venue:牛房倉庫二樓 2nd Floor of Ox Warehouse
免費入場 Free Admission

主辦Organization:牛房倉庫Ox Warehouse
贊助 Sponsors:澳門文化局 ICM澳門基金會 Macao Foundation
受惠機構 Beneficiary: 樂施會 Oxfam Hong Kong 
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