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EXiM 2011 - 亞洲實驗影像活動Asian Experimental Video Festival in Macao : 12月10日(星期六), Dec 10 (Saturday)

EXiM 2011
              - 亞洲實驗影像活動Asian Experimental Video Festival in Macao

1210(星期六), Dec 10 (Saturday)


Miss/placed: Illumination of Senses compiled a program of films and videos that reveals the sensuous experience of both the maker and the viewer in the context of longing. As time passes by in the city, geographical spaces and places unveil, not only in the context of architecture, but also the memory of places and body, revealing the inner landscape of a human’s voice.  
  1. 蝴蝶Butterfly曾曉暉Chan Seau Huvi  
  2. 24/7 ,  艾力森Alison Khor 
  3. 第一次 First Time ,   Sylvia Ong 
  4. 浴缸 In The Tank,  郭小慧Kok Siew Wai 
  5. 遷境 II Passing II,  區琇詒Au Sow Yee 
  6. 孤寂中的攝影眼 In Solitude, a Camera Eye,  郭小慧Kok Siew Wai 
  7. 在我記憶中不曾出現的事  When the Time Without my Memories,  艾力森Alison Khor 
  8. 時間失序Time Disorder鄧琇金Thian Siew Kim 
  9. Flows , Chew Win Chen
  10. 崩世風景 II  Ruins II區琇詒Au Sow Yee 
  11. 崩世風景 II  Ruins I, 區琇詒Au Sow Yee 

策展人Curator: 區琇詒 Au Sow-Yee  

Sow Yee works span from film and video performances, single channel experimental film/video to multimedia design for contemporary theatre performances. Sow Yee is a MFA holder from the San Francisco Art Institute and is currently studying in the Graduate School of New Media Arts in National Taipei University of the Arts, Taiwan. Her works explore light and projected images as organic elements in space and time as well as revealing the abstract quality of every day’s life. 

16:30-18:30 – 亞洲實驗影像論壇 The Asian Experimental Video Forum
             主講者:所有策展人 Speaker: All curators


“Among the works eventually not selected, the works of combining political documentary and experimental film were of my interest, although they needed to be more refined. They are not selected for screening in this year’s EXiS due to its immaturity and incompleteness of combination between both genres, but they were worth mentioning here. Also, despite of the poor condition of experimental filmmaking, there were some domestic works with rare uniqueness. And this quality of a few creative domestically submitted works ask for more recognition and supports for the local experimental film that emerges and exists in the border area of this kind of artistic practice.” (EXiS2011 Preliminary Jury Lee, Soo-Yong)

  1. Awaken, CHE Hee-Suk 
  2. 時間無聲 The Silence of Time, HWANG Sun-Sook 
  3. 我們進入時 As We Enter, LIM Chan  
  4. 看錄像(2005-2010) Watching Video (2005-2010),CHOI Jong-Han
  5. 幾天前在我身上發生了什麼事?What did happen to me the other day? KWON Ah-Ram  
  6. 現存的對稱性 Living Symmetry, BYUN Jae-Kyu 
  7. 聽景Hear this Sight, SON Jung-Min 
  8. 蒸發Evaporation, DVOXAC 
  9. 她之像Her Images, CHO In-Han
  10. 1京都之舞 Kyoto Dance, KIM Dong-Hun

策展人Curator: 李幸俊LEE Hang-Jun 
李幸俊是韓國電影創作者,EXiS策劃人及獨立策展人。20072009年間他曾于首爾策劃每月一次的藝術電影和錄像放映活動,並為多個藝術機構如KunstdocArco Gallery等策劃特殊的多投影電影/現場表演節目。李幸俊亦曾編過書,包括Carl Brown(2008)以及一本探討亞洲實驗媒體的文集(2009)。其作品以加入音樂人一同即興表演的多投影電影現場表演為主。他曾與Martin Tetreault(加拿大), Jerome Noetinger(法國), Hong Chulki(韓國)等藝術家同場演出。他的作品已經於世界各地展演,包括倫敦南岸中心(英國), Cafe OTO(英國), 布魯塞爾BOZAR center for fine arts(比利時), Netmage10(義大利), LACASAENCENDIDA(西班牙)等等。他曾參與LIFT(多倫多)Nowhere(倫敦)等藝術家駐場計劃。

LEE Hangjun 李幸俊 is a filmmaker, programmer of EXiS and independent curator. He was programmed a monthly artist film & video screening in Seoul from 2007 to 2009 and curated special multi-projection/performance programe for several gallery space include Kunstdoc, Arco Gallery etc. Lee has edited the books Carl Brown(2008) and an anthology on issues in Asian experimental media(2009). His works focus on multi projection performance and improvisation with musician. He played with Martin Tetreault(CA), Jerome Noetinger(FR), Hong Chulki(KR), etc. His works has been shown at South Bank Centre(UK), Cafe OTO(UK), BOZAR center for fine arts(Belgium), Netmage10(Italy), LACASAENCENDIDA(spain) etc. He attended artist in residence program in LIFT(Toronto), Nowhere(London). His recent works distributed by Lightcone in Paris.

***The curator will attend the post-screening discussion.

免費入場Free Admission

活動策劃 Festival Curator : 李少莊Bianca LEI
行政統籌Administrative Coordinator張楚誠Oscar CHEONG, 夏仲美 May HA
場地和放映統籌 Venue and Screening Coordinator 林俊 Calvin LAM
宣傳品設計 Published Design: 關瑩 Iris KUAN

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