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當代動態影像藝術活動Contemporary Moving Image Activity -
Chinese Independent Film 1+1 Festival

策展人curator:張亞璇 Zhang Yaxuan

15/01/2010, 星期五Fri
8:30pm - 《14:28》
導演director: 杜海濱 Du Haibin*
此片勇奪第66屆威尼斯影展最佳紀錄片大獎。This film won the 2009 Venice International Film Festival Orizzonti Prize Best documentary.
而導演杜海濱將出席放映後談論會。The director will attend the post-screening discussion.

16/01/2010, 星期六 Sat
8:30pm - 《尋找智美更登》The Search
導演director: 萬瑪才旦Pema Tseden**
此片去年獲第12屆上海電影節評審團大獎。This film won the Jury Grand Prix on the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival 2009.
此片由杜海濱推薦,而他將出席放映後談論會。This film is recommended by Du Haibin who will attend the post-screening discussion.

杜海濱 《14:28》





杜海濱,1972年生於陝西,在寶雞和西安度過少年時代。1996年考入北京電影學院攝影系。在校期間用Hi-8拍攝了他的第一個作品《竇豆》(1999)——一個青年同鄉的肖像,畢業前後又完成了《鐵路沿線》(2000年)——鐵路邊上一群流浪漢的生活,它是DV製作在中國初起時的代表作之一。此後以幾乎每年一部的速度,杜海濱先後完成了《高樓下面》(2002),《北京紀事》(劇情短片,2003),《人面桃花》(2005),《電影/童年》(2005),《石山》(2006)。 2007年的《傘》和2009年的《14.28》,令他兩次入選威尼斯地平線單元。

Du Haibin 14.28
2009, Documentary, HDV, Color, 115min, Chines & English subtitles

The “Great Sichuan Earthquake” took place at 14:28 on May 12, 2008. The shooting started 10 days after the disaster, and the filmmaker returned on the spot several times during one year. Scenes not seen on official TV, “survival” is the keyword. Without judgment but with a deep compassion for their subjects, the filmmaker brings us a myriad of individual stories of absurdity, confusion and grief.

With approaches of “Direct Cinema”, keeping the camera in a distance of observation, it shows kind of simplicity of the style, which we suppose come from the nature of a documentary filmmaker. He is not hurry to show his attitude and opinions up to the audience but hide them in the every sequence, through which the reflection on the social system and the power relationship could be interpreted. So the review said, “Through a sympathetic angle, the film observes a world which has already been focused on; meanwhile it gives reflection on different ways by which a social event and the daily life may be unfolded.”

Du Haibin was born in 1972 in Shannxi province and studied Photography Dept. of Beijing Film Academy during 1996-2000. In the 3rd year of the school, he made a short documentary Doudou (1999) , a portrait on one of his young native friends; the next year he presented Along the Railway, depicting a group of homeless people’s life, which came to be one a work of reference for DV works in China. Thereafter he has been able to produce one work every year. His films include: Under the Skyscraper (2002), Life in Beijing (short film, 2003), Beautiful Men (2005), Film / Childhood (2005) and Stone Mountain (2006). With Umbrella (2007)and 14.28 (2009), he has been selected twice in Horizon of International Film Festival Venice.








Pema Tseden THE SEARCH
2007,Drama,HDV,Color,112min,Chinese Subtitle

The Search, as the second feature film of Tibetan filmmaker Pema Tseden, begins as a quest for actors for a film adaptation of a Tibetan play about Prince Drime Kunden, a saint who gave away all his worldly possessions. It organically evolves into an offbeat cultural album of Tibetan people as well as a cinematic pilgrimage to understand their lifestyles and religious heritage. It traces a special “road movie” with a vague boundary between documentary and fiction. Further than a search for an actor or a spiritual quest, the filmmaker, with his root in the Tibetan plateau, develops a reflection on the future of their own civilization.

Pema Tseden was born in 1969 in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, graduated from Northwest University of Nationalities and then Beijing Film Academy. He started his writings since 1991, in both Chinese and Tibetan, and started to make fiction and documentary films since 2002. His first short, The Silent Holy Stones, has won several awards in China and abroad. In 2005 he finished his first feature with the same title.

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