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當代動態影像藝術活動Contemporary Moving Image Activity -
中國獨立影像1+1展 Chinese Independent Film 1+1 Festival

策展人curator:張亞璇 Zhang Yaxuan

08/01/2010, 星期五 Fri
8:30pm - 《慰問》Condolences+《好貓》Good Cat
導演director: 應亮 Ying Liang
影片《慰問》剛剛進入了鹿特丹的短片金虎競賽,而影片《好貓》於2008年獲得布里斯班國際電影節費比西國際影評人聯盟獎。《Condolences》has just selected by Tiger Awards for Short Film in the International Film Festival Rotter-dam. And the feature film 《Good Cats》got FIPRESCI Prize at Brisbane IFF in 2008.
而導演應亮將出席放映後談論會。The director will attend the post-screening discussion.

09/01/2010, 星期六Sat
4:00pm -《家庭恐懼》Family Phobia
導演director: 胡新宇 HU Xinyu
而導演胡新宇將出席放映後談論會。The director will attend the post-screening discussion.

8:30pm -《老媽蹄花》Lao Ma Ti Hua
導演director: 艾未未 Ai Weiwei
此片由胡新宇推薦,而他將出席放映後談論會。This film is recommended by HU Xinyu who will attend the post-screening discussion.

10/01/2010, 星期日 Sun
4:00pm -《牛皮》Oxhide
導演director: 劉伽茵Liu Jiayin
影片《牛皮》獲第24屆溫哥華國際影展(VIFF)「龍虎獎」。《Ox Hide》got Dragons & Tigers Award in the 24th VIFF.
此片由應亮推薦,而他將出席放映後談論會。This film is recommended by Ying Liang who will attend the post-screening discussion.

8:30pm -《敖魯古雅,敖魯古雅……》Aoluguya, Aoluguya...
導演director: 顧桃 Gu Tao
此片由應亮推薦,而他將出席放映後談論會。This film is recommended by Ying Liang who will attend the post-screening discussion.

應亮 《慰問》
2009 劇情 HDV 彩色 19分鐘 中英文字幕


2008 Drama HDV color 19min CH&EN Subtitles

For a sudden serious traffic accident, an old women lost her husband and son. She lives in a poor neighborhood which is going to be demolished...With one long take, Ying Liang depicts the course of the offering of condolences.

As one of the witnesses of that traffic accident happened in Zigong city, Sichuang Province five years ago, Ying Liang is going to complete a long-feature film on the same subject.


應亮 《好貓》
2008 劇情 HDV 彩色 103分鐘 中英文字幕



Ying Liang GOOD CAT
2008 | Drama | HDV color 103min Ch&En subtitles

Luo Liang, almost thirty, is a chauffeur who runs errands for a real estate boss. He rides a broken motorcycle and lives in a shabby house. Although he is sneered at by a wife who came from a family of intellectuals, he is content with being somebody's vassal. Still, he dreams of returning home with fame and money.
The title comes from the famous dictum of Deng Xiaoping: "As long as the cat can catch a mouse, it is a good cat no matter whether it is a black cat or a white cat."
The cat,Ying Liang said, also fits well with the spirits of the times.It's a very harmonious animal.
He dedicates this film to Zigong, an inland city in Sichuan where he has lived for 7 years. Due to the sharp rise in real estate prices, drastic changes have occurred here.

As director, he has made his three long-feature films and most of the shorts here till now. The other two long-featurs are: The Other Half (2006) and Taking Father Home (2004)

2009 紀錄 HDV 彩色 192分鐘 中英文字幕




2009 documentary color 192min Ch&En subtitiles

Aka My Parents and My Siblings. Shot from 2002 to 2008, the film took six years to document the daily life of a Chinese family and the intimate yet sometimes intense relations between family members.

About why he made this documentary:
Every Family has a photo album. Whether in black and white or color the photos all show fake smiles.
For a long time, the word “family” has cast a shadow on my mind. Where is the poetic sense I’ve seen from the film in my family life?
Maybe those correct and absolute epics never suit my family.
I refuse to direct and edit the truth as the stars and co-stars in TV soap series.
I really want to make a study on this “family”: why it makes me feel fear and suffocation always?

Hu Xinyu, born in 1971. As an independent documentary filmmaker working and living in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, he has finished Men (2004) and Sister (2007) before, both featured himself or his own family members. By adopting a very personal and bald approach, Hu has set an example in Chinese documentary to observe private space and domestic life.




2009 | Documentary | DV | Color | 75min | Chinese Subtitles

This is an activist movie recording Ai Weiwei and other volunteers’ campaign in the disaster hit area in the aftermath of Sichuan earthquake.

In the film Ai is a citizen rather than an artist. They try to fight for and establish their rights as a citizen, from which we can see the decay and absurdness of the whole system.

Ai Weiwei, born in 1957 in Beijing, is a leading Chinese artist, curator, architectural designer, cultural and social commentator and activist.




劉伽茵1981年生於北京。高中時代即明確了做電影的決定。 作為她在電影學院的畢業作品,《牛皮》(2005年)也是她的第一部劇情長片,完成之後獲得了多個國際電影節獎項。她之前的作品有短片《火車》,之後有《牛皮Ⅱ》,系2009年完成的新作。現任教于電影學院文學系。

Liu Jiayin OXHIDE
2004 | Drama | DV | Color | 110min | Chinese & English subtitles

Comprised of 23 stationary long takes, and shot entirely on interior sets, the film features the filmmaker herself and her parents throughout its approximately 2-hour runtime.
It is a presentation of their everyday life: The father runs a leather workshop, while the mother takes charge of the design and production of leather bags. They have invested a lot in the business, both emotionally and financially, yet are barely making ends meet. Every shot smells of documentary , however it is in fact realized with strict mise en scene. The emotional tension it builds is also rarely found among Chinese films.

Liu Jiayin was born in Beijing in 1981. She got a clear mind to study film and become a filmmaker as early as in high school. As her graduation work from BFA, Oxhide (2004) is her full-length feature debut, which got several prizes in international film festivals from Forum,Berlinale to Vancouver, HKIFF etc. Before Oxhide she has made a short The Train. In 2009 she finished Oxhide II.Now she teaches in the Literature Department at BFA.
顧桃《敖魯古雅, 敖魯古雅……》
2008 紀錄 DV 彩色 87分鐘 中英文字幕


顧桃畢業於內蒙藝術學院。他最初學習油畫,之後一度從事圖片攝影,2005年開始紀錄大興安嶺地區少數民族的生活。《敖魯古雅, 敖魯古雅……》是他的第一部紀錄長片。他的拍攝現在還在繼續。

2008 | Documentary | DV | Color | 87min | Chinese & English subtitles

Aoluguya is a place name, in the Greater Xing’an Mountain of northern China, where is the traditional habitat for the Ewenkis people who is living a hunting and nomadic life.
They can not continue this living way any more today. The government has built the new settlement down the mountain and hunting is also banned.
Liushia and her younger brother, Vijia indulge themselves in alcohol. He Xie expresses the sadness through his harmonica. Maria Suo, the last chief of the tribe, watches the changing of time helplessly.

This film's depiction of a people on the brink of extinction is much more than just a simple anthropological study. It conveys strong poetic beauty, while the filmmaker's sensitive approach reveals the immense pain and sense of loss that a group of people have once their identity lost. It is an epic written as the image testimony for this people.

Gu Tao studied painting in Inner Mongolia Fine Art Institute, has used to taking photos. He started to shoot minority people and their life in northeast China since 2005. Aoluguya, Aoluguya...is his first long feature work.. His shooting still continues…

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