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密密說 ─梁倩瑜藝術創作展 Hey, Listen - Works by Sandy-Leong Sin U

New Art People Project 2015

Hey, Listen- Works by Sandy-Leong Sin U




When I was little, I saw my grandpa sitting in front of my late grandma’s portrait talking to himself, with a bunch of pale flowers in the vase. Even I got closer to him, he was always mumbling something I couldn’t understand. When we just kept talking to ourselves some code, or something no one would pay attention to. We didn’t bother this unclearness and just speeded up and kept talking.

Later the world I know has always been murmuring to me. The world population exceeded 5 billion the year when my mother gave birth to me during a nightlong excruciating pain. Juicy watermelon bought home being placed on a newspaper with pictures of a dismembered body discarded in the trash bin we walked by every day. A rare day of cuddling accompanied with terrorist attacks afar where people weep in front of the camera, provoking endless revenges. Too much going on with too little time to react. News listlessly running, words and opinions flying all over.

I learn to sort through things, analyze and understand step-by-step. Yet, flowers grow in their ways. Squirrels climb along the branches. People argue because of communication, but achieve lasting peace, then the next season is approaching. Hey, just listen and, talk.


2011 全藝社秋季沙龍2011,東方基金會,澳門
2009 新鮮人──兩岸四地青年藝術家創作展,牛房倉庫,澳門

Sandy-Leong Sin U, born in Macao in 1987, graduated from Master of Visual Arts (Art & Culture) of Hong Kong Baptist University.

2014 “Here it is”, Macao Theatre Library, Macao
“ Interconnection” Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts of Master of Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition 2014, Hong Kong
2013 Exhibition of poems and illustration, photography by Pen of Macao, Pen of Macao, Macao
‘We were born this way’ Exhibition of works jointly created by adults and Children, Ox Warehouse Art Space, Macao
2012 “Farewell-Marine Culture Exchange Program”, Praça da Amizade, Macao City Fringe 2012, Macao
“Back to Reality” Achievement Group Art Exhibition of the Workshop, Ox Warehouse Art Space, Macao
2011 Autumn Salon 2011 Art Exhibition, Orient Foundation, Macao
“Set Off ” Three Young Artists Art Exhibition, Pavilhao de Ecposicoes e EspectaculosArtisticos Para Jovens, Macao
2009 “Freshman-The Art Exhibition of Young Artists from the Cross Strait 4 Regions” ,Ox Warehouse Art Space, Macao

策展人Curator:施援程 Cora Si Wun Cheng
錄像攝影Video Photographers:楊冠瑩Summer Ieong Kun Ieng、黃鶖葭Ng Chew Hsia
翻譯Translator:大波Dai Bo

開幕Opening Ceremony:
5/7/2015(星期日 Sunday)下午4時 4:00 P.M.
展期Exhibition Period:
5/7–9/8/2015 (逢星期二休息 Closed on Tuesdays)

地點Venue:牛房倉庫二樓 2nd Floor of Ox Warehouse
免費入場 Free Admission
贊助 Sponsors:澳門特區政府民政總署 IACM 澳門基金會 Macao Foundation澳門特別行政區政府文化局 ICM
開放時間Opening Hours:12:00 ~19:00 (星期二休息Closed on Tuesdays)

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電郵 E-mail:oxwarehouse@gmail.com

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