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當代動態影像藝術活動Contemporary Moving Image Activity--放映時間表

當代動態影像藝術活動Contemporary Moving Image Activity –


Chinese Independent Film 1+1 Festival

放映時間表 screening schedule

19/12/2009, 星期六Sat
8:30pm -《我們》We
導演director: 聞海Wen Hai*
-- 放映前策展人張亞璇將作簡單介紹。The curator will give a brief introduction before the opening screening.

20/12/2009, 星期日Sun
8:30pm -《白銀》Silve
導演director: 李沛峰 Li Peifeng**


02/01/2010, 星期六Sat
8:30pm - 《現在是過去的未來》Disorder
導演director:黃偉凱 Huang Weikai*

03/01/2010, 星期日 Sun
8:30pm -《風花雪月》Wind Flower Snow Moon
導演director: 陽建軍Yang Jianjun**


08/01/2010, 星期五 Fri
8:30pm - 《慰問》Condolences+《好貓》Good Cat
導演director: 應亮 Ying Liang*

09/01/2010, 星期六Sat
4:00pm -《家庭恐懼》FAMILY PHOBIA
導演director: 胡新宇 HU Xinyu*
8:30pm -《老媽蹄花》Lao Ma Ti Hua
導演director: 艾未未 Ai Weiwei**

10/01/2010, 星期日 Sun
4:00pm -《牛皮》Oxhide
導演director: 劉伽茵Liu Jiayin**
8:30pm -《敖魯古雅,敖魯古雅……》Aoluguya, Aoluguya...
導演director: 顧桃 Gu Tao**


15/01/2010, 星期五Fri
8:30pm - 《14‧28》
導演director: 杜海濱 Du Haibin*

16/01/2010, 星期六 Sat
8:30pm - 《尋找智美更登》The Search
導演director: 萬瑪才旦Pema Tseden**

* 導演將出席放映後討論會。The director will attend the post-screening discussion.
** 作品由其中一位參展導演推薦,而推薦人將出席放映後討論會。The film is recommended by one of participating directors who will attend the post-screening discussion.

當代動態影像藝術活動Contemporary Moving Image Activity

當代動態影像藝術活動Contemporary Moving Image Activity -
Chinese Independent Film 1+1 Festival

策展人curator:張亞璇 Zhang Yaxuan

開幕影片opening film
19/12/2009, 星期六Sat
8:30pm -《我們》WE
導演director: 聞海Wen Hai
放映前策展人張亞璇將作簡單介紹,而導演將出席放映後談論會。The curator will give a brief introduction before the screening. The director will attend the post-screening discussion.

20/12/2009, 星期日Sun
8:30pm -《白銀》SILVER
導演director: 李沛峰 Li Peifeng
此片由導演聞海推薦,而他將出席放映後談論會。This film is recommended by Wen Hai and he will attend the post-screening discussion.



(摘引自L’independence Personnelle de Huang Wenhai, by Marie-Pierre Duhamel Muller)


Wen Hai WE
2008 Documentary HDV B&W, Colour 102min Chinese subtitles

Some describe them as problematic individuals
They describle themselves as creatures of politics
----from the poster of the film

Starting from a project on the portrait of laying Buddhist (Wenhai opposes the religious feeling to the chaos), "WE" leads us to meet something more, and more powerful: which are the dissidents in one word. The original title of the film was "TAMEN", which means "THEY". But Wenhai knows very well that a director is also shooting himself while he shoots others. By calling "THEY" , he would have put a distance, the people in the film would be felt as a prudent strangers group. The final cut takes position :They are "WE".

Wenhai said modestly of his film that he has just tries to present some images of citizens. Formidable modesty helps him find a sort of courage on those poet-heroes, since it makes us see and hear the weight of the history on a "today" made up with neon lights, mobile phones, skyscrapers, and Olympic games.
(extracted from L’independance Personnelle de Huang Wenhai, by Marie-Pierre Duhamel Muller)

Wen Hai, born in Hunan province in 1971 and grew up in some military “big yard”; studied painting in a local fine art school and then went to Beijing Film Academy for advanced photography course. Afterwards he worked in CCTV as a TV journalist. Around 2002 he finished his TV career and started independent film production. As a producer he made a long-feature film Beijing Suburb(2002,fiction); as a director he finished Military Camps(2003),Floating Dust(2004),Dream Walking(2006) and WE(2008), the last three of which composed of his Chaos Trilogy. His works have been selected in international film festivals from Cinema du Reel, Yamagata, Venice etc. and got different prizes.

2009 紀錄 HDV 彩色 96分鐘 中文字幕






Li Peifeng SILVER
2009 Documentary HDV Colour 96min Chinese subtitle

After leaving his home village in northwest region for several years, Li Peifeng returned there starting to make a documentary. His shooting lasts 4 years continuously. Then he finished his first long-feature work.

In this film, he doesn't follow any special person. Even his father is also an obscure one in the mass portrait. It's once again a story about migration and exile. Due to the “West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project”, which has none of the business with them and the Urbanizing Country Movement, the people are obliged or cheated to leave their home village where they has been living in generations.

With this background Li Peifeng depicts his main character of the film: that piece of dry,infertile and desolate land full of smell of the earth. Corresponding to such scene is the people’s wrath and depression.

This film reveals the stocking pain of Chinese village but not indifferent. The fimmaker links daily life with short chapters on birth, being aged, being sick and death,in which he represents many scenes as ritual. This is a piece of elegy dedicated to the hometown, as the terminal moment of its destiny.

Born in 1972, Li Peifeng founded in 2004 a folk art group which focuses on the traditional Shaanxi opera (Qinqiang), and he also makes research on the music of Central Asia. He used to work for television before turned to independent documentary production. Silver is his first feature documentary.

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