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Seeds in Spring – Open Call Selection for Exhibition at Ox Warehouse
Macau™──Workshops and Outdoor display by Gil Mac / Whatever™

工作坊簡介 Briefing Session:12/3/2017, 17:00-19:00
工作坊日期 Workshop Period:18-19/3/2017, 14:00-18:00
戶外展覽佈置 Exhibition/Outdoor display setup:19/3/2017, 18:00-19:00

人數 No. of Students:16
對象 Suitable Age:16+
費用 Tuition Fee:MOP$250
語言 Language:英文 English

*Tuition fee includes all work materials, plus 1 copy of the Macau™ workshop / exhibition catalog and 1 copy of the 10 year edition of Whatever™

報名 Reservation:28530026

計劃簡介 Introduction

工作坊將涉及實際動手創作,由藝術家帶領下,參與者將製作一個標誌或插圖、或一個口號,樹立澳門的 「城市品牌」。總體目標是在澳門構思及創作一個為澳門度身定制的「logo」──一個能切合澳門特色的標誌。收錄在黑白小冊子內,該目錄不僅僅將收錄所有作品,亦將預留版面讓每一位參與學員作出創意聲明。


本次室外展示將於牛房入口區域舉行,有如一個名人堂,展現所有這些為澳門度身定制的Macau™ 「logo」。

*Macau™與 Uwaga!計劃相關聯,它探索公共空間以及讓城市公民表達自己的意見和觀點的可能性,邀請民眾參與和互動,表達他們對活動舉辦城市的看法。


Macau™ is a workshop/ creative laboratory and an exhibition of the work to be carried out after a period of reflection and dialogue about the city of Macau.

The central motto will be Macao’s historical and multicultural richness and its identitarian contemporaneity. Following on its agitated flows of tourism and consumption, globalization and the changing experience of public and private spaces will be some of themes on the table, where the participants are expected to express their views, ambitions and anxieties . They will be encouraged to take a fresh look at the city, its architecture, its symbols and dynamics, and express critical and artistic outcomes through graphic design.

Photography, illustration, typography or calligraphy are welcome as tools to make artistic objects that must be synthetic and direct.

The workshop will depend on a hands-on work, where participants will develop a logo/illustration and/or a slogan/ statement for “branding” the city. The general goal is to develop a “logo” that is created in Macau and for Macau, one that communicates with the city now.

With the accompaniment of Gil Mac, each participant will finish their “logo” in bitmap or vectorial, to be inserted in the in black and white catalog, that not only will compile all the works but also will have a place reserved for a statement of each of the Artists / Citizens involved.

The final phase of the project will be to think and produce the exhibition together.We will use a video projector to pass all selected works and the final composition to the cardbordboxes and paint it in black and white. This exhibition/outdoor display will be presented in the entrance area of the Oxwarehouse, a kind of hall of fame with all “logos” of Macau™ for the city of Macau.

藝術家簡歷 Artist Biography
吉爾•麥可(Gil MAC),1975年出生於葡萄牙科英布拉。他是一名表演者、音樂家和平面設計師。1999年自科英布拉美術高等學院(ARCA)畢業,主修繪畫藝術。此外,1998年曾於里斯本MAUMAUS視覺藝術高等學校修讀攝影,2003年在Caldas da Rainha藝術和設計學校(ESAD)學習多媒體,以及字體和海報設計。由2006年6月6日起至今,他持續開展了Whatever™的設計項目。

Gil MAC (b.1975, Coimbra, Portugal) is a performer, musician, and graphic designer. Graduated in graphic arts by the Art School of Coimbra (ARCA-1999), studied Photography in art school MAUMAUS – Lisbon (1998), and Multimedia in Caldas da Rainha Art and Design School (ESAD-2003). At the same school he had additional formation in typography and poster design. Since June 6, 2006, he has been signing his design projects as Whatever™.

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