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當代動態影像藝術活動Contemporary Moving Image Activity -
Chinese Independent Film 1+1 Festival

策展人curator:張亞璇 ZhangYaxuan

星期六Sat8:30pm -《現在是過去的未來》Disorder
導演director:黃偉凱 Huang Weikai
而導演黃偉凱將出席放映後談論會。The director will attend the post-screening discussion.
星期日 Sun8:30pm -《風花雪月》Wind Flower Snow Moon
導演director: 陽建軍Yang Jianjun
This film is recommended by Huang Weikai. He and this film’s director (Yang Jianjun) will attend the post-screening discussion.

2008 紀錄 DV 黑白&彩色 56分鐘 英文字幕

作者在海量的電視臺群眾記者拍攝的街頭速寫式素材中篩選,提煉出在他眼中富於意味的瞬間,進而組合成這部描述了二十多個事件的紀錄片。它是一幅關於城市生活的印象拼貼和速寫,其中有號稱要自殺的男人,高速路上四散奔逃的豬,工地裡挖出的文物,同一條河流裡不怕髒的漁夫以及打著環保旗號的游泳隊伍...... 以一種詩或者音樂的節奏和氣氛,它證實了剪輯的創造性,同時也再現了我們身處的這個粗糙而又混亂,充滿了黑色幽默和反諷的現實。


Huang Weikai DISORDER
2008, Documentary, DV, B&W / Color, 56min, English subtitle

Making the selections from a vast amount of street sketch-style rushes shot by amateur TV journalists, then abstracting those moments he thinks as most meaningful and interesting, the author comprises this work of over 20 separate incidents. It is a collage of images from urban life, which includes a sketch of a man who claims he is going to commit suicide, a scene where a group of pigs run wild on the highway, the discovery of an antique on a building site, images of a river shared by a fisherman oblivious to the dirt around him and a swimming team campaigning for the environment...with an almost poetic musical rhythm and atmosphere, this documentary work is proving the creativity of the editing, as well as reflecting the coarse, chaotic reality full of irony and black humors that surrounds us.

Huang Weikai, born in Guangdong in 1972. This is his second documentary work. Before he made Floating (2005), also worked for San Yuan Li (2003) and Meishi Street (2006) as the main photographer.




2008 | Documentary | HDV | Color | 88min | Ch&En subtitles

“In a small village in the northwest of Sichuan province, Grandpa Yang, who is ninety years old already, is the ninth generation successor of Yang’s geomantic family. Men in this family have almost carried on the geomantic craft. They mainly preside over funerals for the villagers. The documentary focuses on this family, recording several deaths: the Chinese-type tragedy of “the young perish, and the old linger” ; the sons and daughters who wrangled over the funeral expenses with each other; an affectionate couple who died one after another. Meanwhile, in Yang’s family, Mr. Yang celebrated the birth of his two great-grandchildren and at the same time had to bury his son, who died of cancer. The name of the film, Wind Flower Snow Moon, is actually the name of the coronach that the geomancers sing when they worship Buddha at the funerals. In the year of 2008, which is attacked successively by severe snowstorm and earthquake, the family had to suffer Eight Pains defined by Buddha, namely, Birth, Caducity, Illness, Death, Departure with the Beloved, Encounter with the Hated, Dissatisfactory and Rampancy of Five Yins.”

Yang Jianjun was born in Cool Water Village, Tongjiang Town, Deyang in Sichuan Province in 1978. He graduated from South China Normal University, then worked as a teacher in a middle school for four years. He was admitted to Beijing Film Academy in 2006 to study for a master's degree of film scripts and theory.
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