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世界末日那天有個攝影展- 《無聊戲》|Silly Goods 歐陽永鋒 攝影展| Photo Exhibition by Fong

- 展覽開幕, 憑票入場* :
   2012. 12. 21 / 7: 00 pm – 8: 00 pm
* 當晚開幕會有小活動,由於場地有限,請憑票入場。

- 索票請聯絡: bullsfong@gmail.com or 63805050
   或直接search "Silly Goods" 專頁留言,有專人處理

- 展覽時間:2012.12.21 - 2013. 2. 28
- 地點 : 牛房倉庫(oxwarehouse)
生活在那些無聊的日子裡, 所做的眾多無聊事中,

然後在大三巴前進行不打臉的格鬥 …


Seriously, I think there are different classes in being silly.
In those silly days, a lot of silly things have been done by
a gang of silly, turbulent rebels.

Play, instead of fighting, is our way to combat, as we revolt to express our immortal youth.
We climb trees and dance atop; we roam in the streets and sing in the night.
And then we have a wrestling–without hitting the face– right in front of the Ruins of St. Paul’s...

In darkness,
I use the Magnesium light to penetrate into the people, filter through the air,
and the light instantly oozes the whole space,
its warmth wrapping us all – no one can escape.
All these are as if a movie, permanently on.

This is absolutely a high class silly thing.

There are plenty of moments in life for us to enjoy being silly.
That is our attitude towards an unfailing youth.
Those who do not understand are truly silly billy. 



歐陽永鋒 , 一九八四年出於於澳門。自小家庭關係奇特,因此陪養出孤獨
Mutation),獲「澳門國際電影及錄像展 」的評審團推介獎,以及製作攝
影集《關於女孩的投幣照相機》(About The Girl 's Coin Camera),參
加日本Epson國際百萬影像大賞獲 佳作(Epson Color Imaging Contest

(Department And Graduate School Of Visual Communication Design)
(Think in Sick),獲得一最佳視覺製作獎。在撰寫畢業論文的期間,偷跑
回來拍攝澳門電影《愛情在城》(Love in The City)。


Ao Ieong Weng Fong was born in Macao in 1984. In his childhood,
the weird relationships in his dysfunctional family made him
develop a rebellious and distrustful personality, marked by
loneliness. Upon completing his high school, Ao Ieong left Macao
for Taiwan, where he studied entomology, exploring the unknown
insect world. During his university years, he became passionate
about photographing and filming, which led him to a shooting
spree. At the time he had already been quite influenced by Japanese
cult movies and novels. Thus he invested 200 Taiwan dollars on
making an experimental short film, The Mutation, which would later
won him the Jury's Commendation Award at the Macao International 
Film and Video Festival 2008 – Macao Indies. Earlier,
he produced an album, entitled The Girl's Coin Camera, which was
selected as Work of Excellence at the Epson Color Imaging Contest
2006 in Japan.

After graduation from university, Ao Ieong did not want to return to
Macao and through a Recommendation-Selection Admission
Program he was admitted to the Department And Graduate School
of Visual Communication Design, NYUST-National Yunlin University
of Science and Technology, where he majored in image creation and
graphic design – receiving, or rather, being tortured by, formal
academic training. In 2009, he self-funded the production of an
album and a film, both titled Think in Sick, which won an award of
Best Visual Production. Later on, while writing his thesis, he briefly
fled back to Macao to film Love in The City, a local movie.

In 2011 the artist decided to return to the desolate island of Macao,
and has since been trying to make a living by shooting
commercials, while exploring the infinity of life and images.Today
Ao Ieong enjoys such hobbies as collecting antiques, listening to
indie bands, drinking, and, above all, discovering silly and yet happy
new things.