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“Start 起.點” ─2UP Studio像素藝術展 “Start” – Exhibition of Pixel Art by 2UP Studio

藝術新人類計劃2015 New Art People Project 2015

Start  起.點” 2UP Studio像素藝術展
“Start” – Exhibition of Pixel Art by 2UP Studio


澳門發展至今已成為國際有名氣的旅遊城市,有著中葡文化融滙結合的特色,也是一個五臓俱全的彈丸之地。從遠看它,城市裡很多微小的地方都像單獨的小點(有如PIXEL ART風格般),在有限度的空間內呈現了澳門的文化特色,就像一個個像素堆砌起的畫作。


Entitled “Start” (QiDian), meaning ‘rebirth and unfolding’, 2UP’s debut art exhibition presents the influences of video game culture on the younger generation, with Qi symbolizing the beginning of the studio’s creative career and Dian meaning pixels.

A tiny land with full amenities, Macao has become an internationally renowned touristic destination where Chinese and Western cultures interplay. Viewed from afar, the city looks like a patchwork of dot-like blocks resembling pixels in pixel art; in other words, like a pixel painting, oozing distinct local flavours.

These pixel pictures show Macao’s cityscape, its surroundings and characteristic figures, full of distinctive flair, reflecting what’s going on in this micro-megacity, offering light-hearted, alternative visual effects that elicit chuckles and strike a chord with viewers.

Curator: Frank Lei

2 UP Studio簡介:
廖仕能 (Energy Lio)潘乾東(Laurie Pun)2013 年成立 2UP 工作室。從事研究像素藝術之工作,專注將像素風格與澳門文化創意互相融合為目的,通過精緻小巧的點進行創作,共同發展推廣此藝術類別。

Profile of 2UP Studio
Established by Energy Lio and Laurie Pun in 2013, 2UP Studio focuses on exploring pixel art, creatively combing pixel compositions and local culture through illustrations of delicate dots to promote this form of digital art.

開幕Opening Ceremony
7/3/2015(星期六 Saturday)下午4 4:00 P.M.
展期Exhibition period
7/3/2015–19/4/2015 (逢星期二休息 Closed on Tuesday)

地點Venue:牛房倉庫 Ox warehouse
免費入場 Free Admission

主辦Organization:牛房倉庫Ox Warehouse
贊助 Sponsors澳門特區政府民政總署 IACM 澳門特別行政區政府文化局 ICM
                            澳門基金會Macau Foundation 廸高設計DECO DESIGN
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牛房講場2015 Ox Talk 2015

Ox Talk 2015



About Film Photography
-- First Round

On the Edge
--Aesthetic Possibilities of Contemporary Documentary Photography

講者Speaker:秦偉 Chun Wai
日期Date:08/02/2015, 16:00
地點Location:牛房倉庫 Ox Warehouse
免費入場   Free Admission
講座以廣東話進行 (Speech in Cantonese)

香港大學專業進修學院攝影深造文憑課程統籌及講師、攝影師及策展人。秦偉生於香港。早年畢業於法國Mulhouse 高級藝術學院,以當代西方的藝術造型風格表現東方傳統美學思維,獲法國文化部頒發國家高等造型表現碩士文憑,並在法國建立自己的藝術工作室。秦偉的影像世界充滿著其個人內心境遇,以人道主義眼光及宏觀的歷史框架檢視這變動中的世界。其活動範圍以香港及亞洲不同地區為主,鏡頭涉足不同文化及經濟背景下的地區性貧窮、戰爭的受害者和全球氣候變化引致的生存問題。秦偉多次獲頒不同的新聞攝影獎項及人權新聞獎。2011年,他創立國際非政府機構醫護行者,為發展中國家貧民提供社區醫護教育及醫療服務。

Chun Wai
Born in Hong Kong, Chun Wai is the course coordinator and lecturer of the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography in the HKU SPACE. He is also a photographer and curator based in Hong Kong. He received the Diplôme National Supérieur D’expression Plastique (DNSEP), an advanced diploma in Visual Arts, from the Minister of Culture in France. He subsequently opened his own studio there and pursued an artistic course of integrating the essence of Western contemporary art with traditional Chinese aesthetics. The photographic perspective of Chun lies in his humanistic vision and macro-historical framework in interpreting the changing world. His project covers a wide area in the region, including Hong Kong and different parts of Asia. Every appealing moment captured in his camera reflects his concern for poverty, and the victims of wars across different cultural and economic backgrounds. The impact of global climate changes on human survival is another topic he cares about. In 2011, Chun established Health in Action, an international NGO, to promote humanitarianism services in the Asian countries.

主辦Organisation:牛房倉庫 Ox Warehouse
贊助 Sponsors:澳門特區政府民政總署 IACM、澳門基金會 Macao Foundation
No CruzamentoentroaAvenida Do coronel Mesquita e a Avenida Almirante Lacerda Macau
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